6X International in Germany & Denmark joins the Alcadon Group

6X International in Denmark and Germany become part of the Alcadon Group with headquarter in Sweden and subsidiary in Norway. The new group will have total turnover of more than €m 75 and will be an attractive partner customers and suppliers in Scandinavia and Germany when it comes to solutions within Telecom, datacenters, industry and installers.

CEO in 6X International Susanne Stengade will continue as CEO for Denmark and Germany just as she will be a member of the Group Management.

For further information please refer to press release below:

Press Release

Alcadon Group signs agreement to acquire Danish 6X International ApS and its German subsidiary 6X International GmbH

Alcadon Group AB (“Alcadon”) has today, on December 28, entered into a binding agreement to acquire all the shares in the Danish company 6X International ApS and its German subsidiary 6X International GmbH (“6X”), a leading supplier of solutions and systems in fiber networks and network infrastructure.

  • Susanne Stengade, the former owner and CEO of 6X, will take position in Alcadon Group’s group
  • Susanne Stengade will continue be responsible for Alcadon Group’s activities in Denmark and Germany.

6X was established in 2003 and is one of the leading niche suppliers in Denmark today, operating in fiber networks and data centers and showing a strong and profitable growth over recent years. The company conducts operations in Denmark and Germany, where it has been established since 2019 through the inception of 6X International GmbH.

For many years, 6X has been cooperating with leading international manufacturers and conducting its own assembly and configuration of customized solutions for, among others, energy and telecom customers, industry, datacenters, network owners and wholesalers. The company’s range, custom offerings and strong supplier relations are considered to complement Alcadon very well.

Sonny Mirborn, CEO of Alcadon Group AB:
“I am very happy to be able to welcome 6X to Alcadon. Alcadon and 6X has had contacts and collaborations for a long time; we are familiar with each other and are now ready to expand throughout the Nordic countries and beyond, together. The acquisition of 6X gives Alcadon a strong position in Denmark and a solid footprint in Germany, where our ability to assist customers in the Nordic countries and customers with a presence in Germany will strengthen substantially. We are looking forward to an extensive exchange of skills within datacenters and fibernetworks, including a possible future launch of Alcadon’s proprietary network range for commercial properties and homes in Denmark and Germany.
By entering Germany and Denmark, the Alcadon Group strenghtens its position, customer offering and growth opportunities significantly, with a common set of core skills in network infrastructure and complementary ranges.
We further welcome Susanne Stengade to our group management, where her extensive industry experience and businessdevelopment focus will be a valuable contribution.”

Susanne Stengade, CEO and owner of 6X:
“It is with great joy and enthusiasm that 6X joins Alcadon. As part of the Alcadon Group, we will be even better positioned to reach our ambitious growth targets in Denmark, Germany and other selected markets, as we get access to the wider range of products and competence of our new partners in Sweden and Norway. By joining Alcadon Group, 6X establishes itself as a significant operator in the Nordic countries and Germany.”